About us


Our construction company “My home Design & Building “is a successful and established company in Chania, Crete,  which has the ability and flexibility to adapt to every requirements and offer ideal solutions for home or workspace to those who are looking for quality. The 27 year presence in construction, the experience and the changing conditions in a highly competitive environment, taught us that consistence and professionalism to every obligation are the guarantee for the future.

After building and redecorating numerous houses and shops, we gained satisfied customers and friends. We invite you to see and study our properties in a meeting without any obligation, in order to find the ideal for you. Otherwise we can follow our own plans to build the house of your dreams or your business space on a new base, with our priority the high standards within a precise timeframe and budget.



At the founding of the company, in the early 90’s, the intention was to create one reliable company, composed by a group of people of integrity with values, whose primary aim is the harmonious co-operation, being always at your disposal. Today, 27 years later, what was for us a fundamental principle it is now law of the market.



In ¨My Home Design & Building¨ we apply what they call “Hand holding service¨. More specific, we offer services and advices, staying at your side throughout the duration of the process, answering your queries and reassure any concern of yours. During the process, our company provides you all required documents about the stages of the construction of your home or your workspace. Along the process, experienced staff with technical knowledge is always next to you, from the beginning to the end, ensuring the finest result and more important, saving valuable time for you.

In Conclusion, if the process of designing a house or a workspace seems complicated and waste of time, we can provide you some help to understand any stage of the procedure and moving forward, without difficulties and risks, in order to achieve your purpose and make your dreams come true.



The construction of a project requires technical knowledge, extensive research and proper planning. Each type of residence or workplace has special characteristics, according to the needs of those who use it. Therefore we design and manufacture every space uniquely, staying always on the current regulations and taking care of what the customer requires, according to his aesthetic perception, his special needs and the space possibilities.

In our hearts we have a vision, in My Home Design & Building we focus on making your vision a reality.