Arbitrary Arrangement

Arrange of arbitrary

For the first phase of the task, 500 euro extra, for equivalents of:

  • The inspection of the building and photographs of the main views of the illegal building
  • The printing of the ground plans and grids of the illegal buildings
  • The editorial of the owner’s application for his entry on the law N.4014/2011
  • Estimation of the fees and receipt of the singular protocol statement of the illegal building
  • The printed estimation of the special penalty in an electronic form of TEE

For the completion of the portfolio, 500 euro extra for equivalents of:

  • The addition of a road works in the identified topography of the building
  • The engineer’s technical report on the illegal buildings
  • A report on the fragility of the building
  • Electronic completion of the file through the website of TEE

* For small violations 600euro, final price that includes all the engineer’s obligations. For greater violations in special locations there will be an agreed award.