Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change some of the materials mentioned in the ‘Home specifications’?

– Of course you can. The specific list of materials is just a basis for discussion, used in order to calculate the cost of the build.

All my friends and acquaintances have pointed out that if I assign a company the task of building my home, it’s bound to cost more. Is that true?

– It sounds reasonable but in fact things are very different. See why: At MyHome Avarakis, we purchase the materials used from suppliers at excellent prices which are better than any individual could obtain. That means we can offer you the lowest possible final cost for your home. If you started building your home yourself, that process will come to an end at some point. But the final cost of your home will be over € 1,200/m2 if you use exactly the same materials that we recommend. In addition, if you take into account the countless man hours you’ll waste organising work crews, the stress you’ll experience and energy you’ll use up by the time your home is completed, contracting out the build to MyHome Avarakis will simply leave you in a win-win situation.

Is there any chance that the cost budgeted will actually be over budget?

– The final cost of the build remains FIRM and FIXED during the entire build. That’s because all building costs have been included in the final price we quote.

What down payment needs to be paid at the outset to start work on my home?

– No down payment is needed.You pay our company in full when each individual work task is completed. The payment method is clearly specified in the agreement between us.

Does the 10-year construction guarantee apply?

– The written, 10-year construction guarantee is cited in a separate article of the agreement between us. It relates to the ‘building work’ done on your home, in other words the guarantee relates to the concrete, brickwork, plasterwork, plumbing, electrical works and all manner of insulation for your home.

As the owner, what do I have to do to get my home built?

– The only thing you have to do is choose the tiles, sanitary ware, cupboards, etc. In all other respects, you needn’t worry about anything else. The worksite issues are clearly something for us to handle. Periodic payments to the IKA Fund, filing of invoices for the project, project safety, handling documentation with the local municipality, the gas company, etc, are also things that we handle.