I want to build my own home! How do I get started?

 1) Bring us photographs of your plot and the survey diagram, if it exists.
2)Discuss your real housing needs with us such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the size of the kitchen and living room, etc.
3)We will present you with plans for the layout of the home (floor plans) designed to meet your needs and tailored to the geometry of the plot. We will give you a draft contract and provide an assurance that your home will be built at a cost of € 1,100/m2 based on the technical specifications for the home which appear on our website.
4)After an inspection on-site at the plot, we will make any changes needed to the floor plans of the house and present you with an external 3-D mock-up of the building. We will then finalise all plans, agree on the financial cost and start procedures to obtain the building permit.
5)In the time required to obtain the building permit (around 2 to 3 months) we will examine the precise location of furniture, plugs, radiators, etc. on the plans and the layout of the kitchen, etc. and we will affix those plans to the contract we conclude. Our contract will then be complete from a technical, legal and financial perspective.
6)We will sign the contract and on the day after the building permit is obtained, we will start building work on the site. Your home will be built in organised phases of work, without you having to ‘rush around after’ work crews or worry about the quality of the work. After 365 days (approximately) from the start of work, you will receive the keys to your home from us.